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We service the biomedical and science community .See what our full service studio can do for you.


Anatomic Groove is dedicated to creating medical animations that amaze, inspire, and educate. Through the use of the most sophisticated and up to date means we make your vision a reality. Biomedical processes within the human body, pharmaceutical videos introducing a new product, educational and marketing videos that inform, teach and showcase what you as the client want. When it comes to 3D animation we can do it all.

In terms of the team, Wynter K is the head of production and Pat N is the behind the scenes Jack of all trades. Wynter's background began with first getting her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree. After a few years of being in this field she decided that medical animation was what she wanted to do, so she went back to school and studied animation. As for Pat, he worked in design working on numerous movies and television shows. They came together to create a vision of doing something fun, but also something worthwhile. 



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